Day 6

We began our day by heading to St. Hilda’s Anglican School in Georgeville, a small community school which includes children up to age 14. We set up stations outdoors under the gazebo where the prelicensure students recorded height and weight and conducted preliminary screenings before the NP students performed head-to-toe exams. An interesting diagnosis that was identified involved a young child who had a harsh heart murmur. Our instructors explained that this murmur would be classified as a grade IV/VI (4/6). The child’s mother was contacted and coordination is in process with the district nurse to provide further treatment. Each teacher at St. Hilda’s was given various donations such as first aid kits, beach balls, bug repellant, and other miscellaneous items.
From here, we went back to Galen University to eat our packed lunches. Martha was so kind to send us with a delicious meal of chicken salad sandwiches, potato chips, oranges, and freshly baked banana nut bread. After lunch we made a short drive to St. Barnabas Anglican School, another primary school with around 70 students total. Here the grad students continued with their assessments while the prelicensure students focused on health education in the classrooms. Teaching topics ranged from hygiene to nutrition. Although the information was the same, teaching styles had to be altered according to different age groups and developmental needs.
We cannot believe tomorrow is our last full day in this beautiful country! We will work hard and make the most of our remaining time here.


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