Day 5

Today started with an interesting traditional creole breakfast. We were surprised to learn that BBQ chicken is a breakfast food in Belize.  Next we went to the Santa Elena Preschool and did some health education for the kids and parents.  The building was very simple, but it was clear that the students were so loved and learning so much.  The prelicensure students did a wonderful job teaching the kids how to properly wash their hands, choose healthy foods, and brush their teeth.  Graduate students did checks on the kids and took several BP’s on parents and grandparents.  The kids were so sweet and even performed a little song and dance for us.  Next we went to Galen University, our host university and had the opportunity to talk one on one with several of the students and provide health counseling.  We had a wonderful lunch at the school and then headed to a gift shop in town.  Change of plans meant we had the afternoon off to spend exploring San Ignacio.  Students did all kinds of activities, including market shopping, horseback riding, and even visiting the local spa!  Many of us ended the day on the guesthouse terrace with the best pizza in San Ignacio! We are so ready for tomorrow!


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