Day 3

Day 3 in Belize and the adventure continues. The country is on holiday celebrating Benefactor’s Day so we took advantage of the free time and explored what natural wonders Belize has in store. We began our day with another wonderful breakfast at Martha’s, who incidentally serves the best coffee in town! Then loaded up the vans and headed west on a death-defying ride on windy and tumultuous roads until we reached our destination…Jungle Splash Tours. Robert, Emil, & Giovanni were amazing tour guides! We navigated the waters of the river through the Mayan Moutains on a slow rolling pontoon boat taking in the wonders of the jungle and mountain life. We saw White Hawks, baby crocodiles, and some kind duck that loves to be under water! Robert risked life and limb guiding many of us under the waterfall while Emil grilled up a delicious chicken and potato feast for our famished adventurers. Overall, we have had a day of wonderment and fulfillment with a greater appreciation of the nature of the land and the love that the people of Belize have to share it with us. Our group hopes that through our experience here we can offer recognition of the simple beauty of this country and help promote preservation of it’s resources. See you tomorrow with an update on our first day of clinical care!


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